MAXVUE HiToric Astigmastism (2pcs)


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Type: Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
Type: Monthly Disposable
Manufactured by: ColourVUE ( 10% OFF )

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Tinted Blue

MAXVUE HiToric Astigmastism (2pcs) Contact Lens Information

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Water Content: 45%
Material: Innofilcon A  
Packaging: 2 lens per box 
Lens type: Toric Lenses for Astigmatism 
Lens type: Monthly Disposable

MaxVUE HiToric astigmatism contact lenses features BioPlus Shield a breakthrough Hyaluronic Acid polymer coating. It solves not one but several issues for contact lens wearers.
BioPlus Shield - Hydrophilic hydrogel layer
  • Improving wettability – No More Dryness
  • Increasing surface water retention – No More Irritation
  • Increasing lubricity – Long Hours Comfort
  • Minimizing protein and lipid deposits – Safety Granted
ADVANCED BACK TORIC DESIGN For Stability & Precise Vision Control.
  • Improves lens stability and reduces rotation for better visual acuity
  • Maximizes comfort during eyelid interaction
  • Provides a stable, comfortable fit
  • Allows 5x more oxygen than your regular Toric lens.
  • Excellent full day comfort even in extended hours is no more a luxury.

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