Enpris Lighting Hazel


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Type: Monthly Disposable
Manufactured by: Apple Vision ( 39% OFF )

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Lighting Hazel

Enpris Lighting Hazel Contact Lens Information

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Water Content: 38%
Material: Polymacon
Sandwich Pigment-Printed Process
Manufactured by E.O.S. Co, Ltd, Korea  
Packaging: 2 lens per box 
Lens type: Monthly Disposable 

See Better, Look Better and Feel Better with Enpris Lighting Hazel 3 Tone Lenses. Enpris 3 tones colored contact lenses is truly a gift for your eyes. Creates that natural dazzling eyes today with Enpris Lighting Series lenses.
Enpris Lighting hazel contact lenses are manufactured by using Sandwich Pigment-Printed Process. Under the Sandwich method, the color pigment will not be in direct contact with the cornea or eyelids. This Sandwich Pigment-Printed offers greater enhanced comfort and safety to the wearers without the fear of discoloration.
With a rich history of 27 years in colored contact lenses intensive research & development programs, Apple Vision has successfully proven itself in marketing of high-quality colored contact lenses. Apple Vision strict code of practice on excellence and the assurance of safe, high quality & high performing branded products have resulted in millions faithful Apple Vision Branded Colored lenses users since 1990.


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