ColourVUE UV Glow Green


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  • Sales Price: USD 36.50 / box (2 lens per box)
Type: One Year Disposable
Type: Cosplay & Halloween Contact lenses
Manufactured by: ColourVUE


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2 box & above 10% discount USD 32.85 per box USD 7.30 per 2 box
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Glow Blue

ColourVUE UV Glow Green Contact Lens Information

Back-Ordered: Back-ordered usually Shipout within 3 to 5 business days
Water Content: 45%
Material: One Year Disposable lens
55% Terpolymer  
Packaging: 2 lens per box 
Lens type: One Year Disposable 
Lens type: Cosplay & Halloween Contact lenses

Colourvue Glow - UV Illumication Effect

ColourVUE UV Glow Blue contact lenses make your eyes sparkle and glow in the dark under disco light. UV Glow lenses are the only lens in the market which uses effective glow inks that react under UV light, making for a glowing night out in any night club. The plain bright glow colours also look great without UV activation or in daylight. 

The ColourVUE UV Glow blue colored contacts lens is remarkably comfort on eye as a result of excellent oxygen permeability. The lenses are manufactured through sandwich method, prevent the colour in contact with eyes, ensure safe wearing.


  • Sandwiched colour layers, safe from side effects 
  • European CE approved 
  • ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified manufacturing facility


  • US FDA approved hydrogel material
  • Excellent oxygen permeability and superior comfort
  • Ultra-thin design (0.06mm)
  • Rounded Edge to prevent damage to cornea


  • Variety of colours & designs
  • Perfect Colour blend technology
  • Precision cast moulding and lathe cut process
  • Designs that suits both dark and light colour eyes



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