Blincon B Color Toric Lens (RX)


  • Sales Price: USD 49.80 / box (2 lens per box)
Type: Toric Lenses for Astigmatism
Manufactured by: Blincon


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2 box & above 10% discount USD 44.82 per box USD 9.96 per 2 box
4 box & above 20% discount USD 39.84 per box USD 39.84 per 4 box


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Blincon B Color Toric Lens (RX) Contact Lens Information

In Stock: Shipout within 3 to 5 business days
Water Content: 42%
RX Lenses is Special Tailor Made Order.
RX Lenses will need to WAIT 1 to 3 MONTHS for Manufacturer to produce and Deliver to us.
RX Lenses NO Cancellation, NO Refund will be entertained on placed order.

58% Polyhema
3 month disposable
Lathe Cutting
UV Blocking - SANDWICH METHOD with UV Special Surface Coating
3 Tone colour lens  
Packaging: 2 lens per box 
Lens type: Toric Lenses for Astigmatism 

Blincon B Color Toric 3 month disposable coloured cosmetic lenses are designed specially for those having astigmatism. B Toric colored contacts lens for astigmatism  comes in 5 vibrant colors of Blue, Green Hazel, Grey and Brown to match your styles. 

Create your personal style...and a winning image...Just let Blincon B Toric Color Lens speak for you...

Blincon B Toric cosmetic contact lens

Blincon toric lens are comfortable to wear and it's 3 tone lenses are manufacturer using SANDWICH METHOD with UV Special Surface Coating and Processing to get the Patent. This give its lenses a natural look when weared on the eyes.



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